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Option 1 – Intro PPG/PG

Option 1 – Intro PPG/PG


We offer the student the opportunity to experience the freedom of flying. To surf the sky! To try before buying. Also, this will allow you to buy the correct from day one. Our intro course takes place at Grassland over an estimated period of 3-5days. (20 Hours) or in Stillbaai

All Ground training
Include Practical engine training
Include Basic theory training, required for the first flight, basic RT instructions
Include min 5, max 10 winch flights on School Equipment (flights and training will count towards license if student do decide to do the full course)
SAHPA Student Fees (R440)

Out of town travel cost or accommodation (if the client requires on-site training)

Grassland Club Fees (R500) Valid for 6 months

NOTE: Introductory course can be fully credited to completion of full course (Cost and Flights credit)