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Option 2 – PPG Upgrade

Option 2 – PPG Upgrade


Option 2 is an upgrade to full PPG course from Option 1 or from a Paraglider License. Also called an PG conversion course

The Above Price include the following:

  • All Theory classes and marking of exams
  • Theory coaching and report
  • Restricted Radio PPG Licence (Valued at R1200)
  • Engine training, include wing/Engine training
  • All Ground and Flight training (with a min of 35 flight) (credit for Intro winch or PG flight)
  • Training Package valid for six months from date of payment**

Note: The above prices exclude the following:

  • any out of town travel and accommodation cost
  • SACAA License fees on completion of training course (est R1500)
  • Grassland Club Fees (R500) Valid for 6 months