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Option 3 – PPG – Start to Finish

Option 3 – PPG – Start to Finish

hello fellow adventurers! I’ve been soaring through the skies since before I could even tie my own shoes! My dad and I would pilot RC planes together when I was just a wee one of 5 years old. Fast forward 47 years and I’ve now clocked in over 5000 flights under my belt!

I’m not just any old pilot, mind you. I’m the first Grade A instructor in all of SA for PPG, PPT, and PPC, with ratings on all sorts of planes. I live and breathe the thrill of flight, and I’m here to share that same passion with all of you.

So, let me impart upon you my personal motto: “Stop dreaming, start flying!” The sky’s the limit, my friends. Let’s take to the skies and make our wildest dreams come true!

PPG Training, from start to finish – R21,600* (saving of 10% on option1/2)

Come and do your full PPG course in Gauteng, Grasslands, just south west of Zwartkops raceway, 64ha of grass next to the Hennops river with a restaurant for the family to enjoy while you having fun

Training on your own equipment (option 3) includes:

  • SAHPA Student registration Fees (Valued at R440)
  • All Theory classes and marking of exams
  • Theory coaching and report
  • Restricted Radio PPG Licence (Valued at R1200)
  • All Ground and Flight training (with a min of 35 flight)
  • Winch training, assist with first flights (between 3-10 recommended)
  • Training Package valid for six months from date of payment**
  • Grassland Club Fees (from R500) Valid for 6 months

Note: The above prices exclude the following:

  • any out of town travel and accommodation cost
  • Flight gear, student must have his own kit
  • SACAA License fees on completion of training (est R1500)
  • Grassland Club Fees (from R500) Valid for 6 months