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Option 5 – PPC Trike

Option 5 – PPC Trike

Full Powered Parachute Trike training (PPC) – R18,000

NOTE: Not to be confused with PPT solo or tandem trikes, PPC is a foot steerable parachute type wing (currently only DTO in SA doing PPC instruction)

A Powered Parachute (PPC) is a flexible winged, Light Sport Aircraft. A PPC combines a three or four wheeled cart structure, holding pilot and motor with a large wing similar to those used by parachutists. The wing itself is made of Nylon fabric with suspension lines usually made of Spectra or Kevlar. The thrust from the engine pushes the cart forward and forces air into the leading edge of the wing, causing it to “inflate” and pressurize, thereby keeping the shape designed to fly as an airfoil. Most PPC’s use rectangular chutes, but there are new elliptical technology chutes that are changing the way these fly.

Training on your own equipment (option 5) includes:

  • SAHPA Student registration Fees (Valued at R440)
  • All Theory classes and marking of exams
  • Theory coaching and report
  • Restricted Radio SAHPA Licence (Valued at R1200)
  • All Ground and Flight training (with a min of 10 hours and est 30 Flights)
  • Training Package valid for six months from date of payment**
  • Grassland Club Fees (from R500) Valid for 6 months

Note: The above prices exclude the following:

  • any out of town travel and accommodation cos
  • Flight gear, student must have his own kit
  • SACAA License fees on completion of training (est R1500)
  • Grassland Club Fees (from R500) Valid for 6 month

A PPC is usually steered on the ground by a hand controlled lever or steering wheel attached to the front wheel. The parachute is controlled by steering levers operated by the pilot’s feet, and have a limited range of motion designed to keep the wing within safe flying speeds. Throttle is usually on the front wheel steering lever, but can also be next to the seat or mounted somewhere else on the airframe.