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Liberty Frame Only 145cm (Exclude Harness)

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Liberty Paramotors, founded by a team of enthusiastic engineers, instructors, designers, builders, and pilots, draws upon a rich history of combined technical and flying expertise spanning over a hundred years.

Our engineers have created a remarkable paramotor, featuring unparalleled strength, customizable options, torque compensation, and a performance that has been tested in races. Liberty Paramotors empowers pilots with near-unrestricted control of their flying experience.

At Liberty, we are forward-thinking and have designed our frames to evolve with you as a pilot, no matter what your future needs may be. Our frames can be adapted as your piloting skills advance, using a modular design similar to that of Meccano

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Liberty  Titanium Total Control Anchor Frame 145cm (Exclude Harness)

TITANIUM FROM RESPONSIBLE SOURCES In the paramotor community, it’s widely recognized that Titanium is the ideal material for most frames due to its strength, lightness, and ease of repair. When designing our paramotor, we knew we wanted to use Titanium as its core material. However, most Titanium paramotors are manufactured in Russia, and given the ongoing conflicts in Ukraine, we are proud to announce that ours are not.

OPTIMIZED FOR MAXIMUM DURABILITY Our team has put in countless effort to design a frame that addresses the issues commonly encountered by instructors, competitors, and maintenance personnel. We understand the significance of reducing the lever arms that can easily bend into a propeller on rough landings, and the benefits of a frame that can withstand a direct impact in the front and downward direction, thus reducing the risk of injury to the pilot.

For this reason, we’ve created a sturdy, tubular base frame that is not only stable when resting on the ground (eliminating the frustration of a paramotor that tips over on uneven surfaces), but also incredibly strong, capable of withstanding numerous mistakes.

Moreover, the base frame has been created with the consideration of using it with trikes, but more on that topic will be discussed later.



ONE PARAMOTOR FRAME FOR ALL MOTORS Our aim was to create something that could evolve with every pilot, from their first flight to world championship level. We were disillusioned with the one-size-fits-all approach adopted by many manufacturers, where the only solution was to purchase a new rig for any changes.

We envisioned a more sustainable solution, one steeped in a conservationist mentality. Our forebears didn’t dispose of things just because they were broken or didn’t meet their current needs. They fixed or upgraded them – they repaired the washing machine or transformed a commuter car into a hot rod.

The Liberty can serve as a commuter or a high-performance cross-country machine, capable of adapting to the needs of the pilot as they grow in skill. It’s not meant to be a disposable machine, nor does it have a design that maximizes profits for manufacturers through the sale of costly adapters or new subframes for motor swaps.

We have faith in our pilots and want to support their growth. That’s why we created a paramotor frame that is built to last.

Our six-way adjustable swing arms offer almost limitless control over not only the positioning of the glider but also width, height, arm length, and other factors.

We recognize that pilots come in different heights and weights and develop their unique flying styles over time. That’s why we selected these arms, providing unparalleled adjustability to accommodate a wide range of pilots and their needs.

Experienced paramotor pilots have differing preferences for the sensation they feel while flying. To accommodate everyone, we designed a frame that offers a choice of low, standard, or high mount options for the paramotor harness. Pilots who have used units that tend to pitch forward when accelerating usually prefer the low or standard mount. Those who desire a more intuitive, responsive feel during changes in power tend to prefer the high mount.


NOTE Exclude Harness. recommend the Dudek Harness