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At Apex Adventures we offer you the student to choose where you want to train. At the coast or in Gauteng. We offer you the best training instructors and facilities in SA.

Decide on what package works the best for you or contact one of our instructors for assistance.

Training under the Paramotor SA (Pty) LTD

SACAA – DTO00012, the largest active DTO for PPG, PPT, PPC & PG in SA and member of SAHPA

StillBaai. Basjan (Sebastian) is a passionate paramotor enthusiast who has turned his childhood dream into a reality. He has extensive experience in flying and SIV, and has spent a year as a paramotor instructor in Florida, USA. He received his USPPA Instructor’s License from the renowned Eric Dufour and is dedicated to helping others experience the magic of paramotoring. Also got his SAHPA Grade A Instructors Rating

Grasslands, Riaan Struwig is an experienced aviator and instructor with over 14 years in the field. He holds the distinction of being the first Grade A PPG/PPT/PPC instructor in South Africa with National Protea colors in the sport. He has trained over 100+ students and use his extensive knowledge and global experience to provide a safe and enjoyable training experience.