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  • Apex the Adventure

    "The Sky is NOT the Limit"

    Conquer new heights with the leading Paramotor, Paratrike, and Paragliding school in South Africa:

  • Apex the Adventure

    "The Sky is NOT the Limit"

    Conquer new heights with the leading Paramotor, Paratrike, and Paragliding school in South Africa:

  • Apex the Adventure

    "The Sky is NOT the Limit"

    Conquer new heights with the leading Paramotor, Paratrike, and Paragliding school in South Africa:

  • Apex the Adventure

    "The Sky is NOT the Limit"

    Conquer new heights with the leading Paramotor, Paratrike, and Paragliding school in South Africa:

Our Training Schools - SACAA0012/DTO

Paramotor Africa and Epic Aviation, the two prominent aviation schools in South Africa, have forged a strategic alliance to deliver extensive training programs throughout South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa. This collaborative effort aims to achieve unparalleled excellence in aviation training, operating under the Paramotor SA DTO..... With the inclusion of their esteemed partner, Blue Gravity, Apex Adventures has emerged as the foremost provider of paramotor/paraglider products in South Africa, offering a comprehensive range of offerings to cater to diverse needs.

Apex Adventure STORE

Apex Adventures, one of the biggest Paramotor stores in South Africa, offers a wide range of equipment, including Paramotors, Paratrikes, Paragliders, Helmets, and more. With both in-stock and back-ordered items, we strive to provide exceptional service to our customers. We import top brand names from around the world through air and sea freight, ensuring that we offer the best prices in the market.

Training at the Coast

"I HAVEN'T BEEN EVERY WHERE- BUT IT'S ON MY LIST." ....Training done at the coast, Stillbaai with Basjan van Heerden. Coastal training is fun and easy. Learn to fly within a few days and surf the sky with friends. Basjan - 079 128 1234

Training in Gauteng

"STOP DREAMING, START FLYING"..... Come and learn at the largest training facility in Gauteng, Situated close to Zwartkop Raceway Centurion, Connivant to train during week and weekends with 64ha of cut grass and Restaurant, place for the family's to come and have fun while you train..... Riaan - 061 719 2430

The Team

Meet Our Instructors


Riaan Struwig

Owner and Chief Instructor

PPG, PPT, PPC and PG Instructor SA Protea Colours

Basjan Van Heerden

Owner and Instructor

PPG and PPT instructor USA Instructor

Kevin Storie


PPG and PG instructor

Herbert Heydenrych


PPG Instructor SA Skydiver

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Need to know about Paragliding

Paragliding and Powered paragliders

Paragliders and powered paragliders/trikes are regulated by SACAA (Civil Aviation) and managed by SAHPA. To fly in South Africa, a National Pilots License (NPL) under SACAA Regulation Part 62 is required, which can only be obtained from an approved DTO (Declared Training Organisation) under Part 141. Currently, there are only a handful of approved DTOs, with only one or two (such as Apex) approved to offer all forms of paragliding training based in Gauteng and Stillbaai and throughout South Africa

Don't be fooled!

1. Contrary to what is commonly believed, it is not necessary to obtain a paraglider license (Free Flying License) before starting training on powered paragliders or powered paratrikes. As a CFI with extensive experience in paragliding, powered paragliders/trikes, and powered parachutes, it is preferred to train students from scratch on PPG or PPT (powered versions) 2. As a student, it is essential to have an approved paraglider for the specific discipline you are pursuing. If you are learning paragliding or basic techniques, an ENA paraglider certified wing is necessary. However, for powered paragliding and paratriking, you need an approved manufacturer wing that is certified for student and basic pilots. It's important not to be misled by instructors or schools that claim you must have an ENA wing for PPG/PPT. In most cases, the latest reflex wings, which are the safest to fly under power, cannot be tested and certified under EN standards. As an instructor for over 15 years, I've witnessed the evolution of wings, and the new reflex wings are much safer to fly under power. 3. To operate in South Africa, you are required to have a Restricted Aeronautical Radio License that is endorsed by SAHPA and the DTO. However, for PPG/PPT or PG, you do not need a SACAA Part 61 Restricted radio license. This is referenced in Part 94 of SACAA regulations. As Paramotor/Trike Pilot you only need an SAHPA Endorsed RT Radio License on your NPL.

Largest School in South Africa, Apex Adventures

A collaborative effort between three of the leading paramotor schools in South Africa has resulted in an enhanced Apex experience for new students and buyers. We offer equipment valued at over 1 million rands in stock, allowing customers to take to the skies without any delay. To reduce waiting times and provide fast service, we maintain a large inventory of parts, ensuring you can quickly resume your flying adventures. Our training and sales services prioritize optimal satisfaction for our customers.

Epic Aviation was an absolutely wonderful school to partner with for my PPG licence. The instructors have years of experience and love to share the wealth of knowledge with their students. During my time training with Epic I always had peace of mind and confidence in the proses and the team made sure I progress at a pace that I am comfortable with. If you are looking at getting your PPG license then this is the best school for you!.

Hennie Brink

“I have had nothing but a positive experience through my training at Epic. The site is beautiful and the training which was facilitated primarily by Riaan, Herbert and Kevin was professional and tailored to my needs. The emphasis was always on safety at the end of the day which is very comforting from a trainees perspective. Apart from the well structured and delivered training there is an active social side to the school and i despite travelling from Botswana i was warmly welcomed by the instructors and trainees alike.  Given Iwas n international student the instructors were very accommodating with their flexibility and time throughout. I would not hesitate recommending this school to anyone interested in taking up PPG.”

Marcus Ter Haar

"I have known Riaan since 2004 when I was still training pilots under my Old school Flying Unlimited. Riaan became a student and then friend then business partner. Over time the two of us created and maintained the largest Flying, manufacturing School for PPG and trike type aircraft in South Africa. Over time we established and built many different PPG and Trikes. I left South Africa for 3 years and on returning started training under Riaan School ATO with him. We have been part of a few projects together for the betterment of the sport and have made significant changes to the industry. Epic Aviation and Paramotor SA will be going a long way in SA so if you want to be trained or receive additionally advanced coaching who better to start with than with the Highest rated instructors in SA, Grade A's."

Tony Gibson

I completed my basic PPG licence through Epic Aviation under the very careful and competent instruction of Riaan Struwig in May 2017. Riaan’s knowledge on the sport and on the available equipment made him the ideal person to advise me on what would the ideal equipment to get to suit the type of pilot I wanted to become, at a price that suited my pocket. The entire curriculum was laid clearly and very easy to follow. The theory classes were very informative and well presented. When it came to the practical training Riaan was always 100% committed to me and to my training, safety was always his number one concern. I always felt as though Riaan took a personal interest in me and my training it never felt like a business and I never felt like a number. It took me twice as long as most to complete my licence but even though there were times I wanted to quit Riaan never quit on me. I appreciate all that Riaan and the school did for me and I will never hesitate to recommend him to anyone who shows an interest in this sport. Jonathan Stolp

Jonathan Stolp, Cape Town

Back in April 2017 I had this crazy idea to start flying Powered Power Gliders. On referral form a good friend of mine I contacted Riaan Struwig of epic aviation and setup a meeting. The service I got from Riaan and the information he imparted to me really won me over. Riaan really helped me every step of the way, guiding me in which motor to get, what wing will work for me and even let me use some of the school’s equipment just to get a feel for what I was getting myself into. The facilities at Epic aviation and the field is excellent. The shop and onsite workshop is definitely a bonus as break downs on my motor was dealt with swiftly. I would definitely recommend Epic Aviation to anyone wanting to start in this awesome sport of ours. Regards Werner Pretorius May the Sky be our Playground.

Werner Pretorius, Gauteng

I trained with Epic Aviation in February 2019 and from day one the professionalism and passion shown by both Riaan and Herbert was apparent their attention to detail is unsurpassable and the level of safety you are taught and then expected to demonstrate is at the top of standards within the sport. The mornings are theory based and then you are put on the field to practice what you have learnt under the supervision of the instructors they pass the tricks on to you and not once did I struggle with any part of my training. After going through the course with Epic Aviation and the instructors I honestly cannot recommend anyone better to start flying with. This isn’t just a school pumping out pilots this is a compassionate family that you join to fly with. The facilities at the school are top notch and maintained to the best standards and it’s an absolute pleasure to study in this safe tranquil environment.

Alexander Smith, USA Orlando