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Off-Grid Throttle with E Start (Left/Right)

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E-Start Throttle

This throttle is set up for E-Start paramotors. The strap can be set up for both left and right handed use but switched later – See instructions tab on this site.

The E-Start Throttle is now available in 2 different wiring configurations; Standard and 4-wire.

The Standard setup has both the kill switch and E-Start switch grounded to the frame through the cable housing. With this setup, there will be 2 wires coming out from the cable sleeve; one red (kill) and one green (E-Start).

The 4-Wire setup will have the kill switch and E-Start switch wired independently. This setup will have 4 wires coming out through the cable sleeve; two red (kill) and two green (E-Start).

Scroll through pictures to see the wiring diagrams.

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