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Western Cape School, Stillbaai

Western Cape School, Stillbaai

Option 1 (Link) – Full PPG course from “Start to finish” on your Own Equipment R22,000

Thanks for your interest, I train all over the country and travel to your location if there are 2 people to take the course. Otherwise, I can also add you to another person depending on how flexible your timeframe is. 

Just a few questions? How old are you and what do you weigh, sorry for the personal questions but it plays a role in where I think you would be able to have the most successful training. For example somewhere on the coast with laminar forgiving wind?

I live in Stilbaai and most of my students do their training here at the coast where the conditions are stable for training and most finish the course between 5-12 days, weather dependant. I do it full-time and have trained hundreds of people in this format. It works much better because your more

Focussed and can do 10 flights per day once you’ve solo’d. This expedites the student’s confidence and skill level daily. If you do weekend training it usually takes students 3-6 months to complete the course due to adverse weather and time constraints. Only Flying once or twice a month creates nervousness and forgetfulness and often feels like your first flight every time and that is a slow learning curve.   

Our students will receive only the best training with your safety always our number one concern. The newest instruction techniques learned from the USA. I trained more than 100 Students at Aviator ppg in Florida. You will receive training in all the syllabi required by the USPPA OR SAPHA. 5 CLASSES will be given to you when the weather is too poor for ground handling or Flying. 1 static Simulator class and a full power simulator class with Emergency procedures given.

We have mobile training simulators and equipment. If your location is suitable for training travelling to your destination can be arranged.

It is a legal requirement in South Africa to have an air band radio whilst flying a paramotor. I have a Restricted air band radio Examiners Licence and also include the Licence Fee for my students in the course syllabus.

New equipment ranges from R200 000 000- R240 000, it is a lot of money to start off with but after you have the equipment it only costs about R60 per hour to fly.

Please feel free to ask more questions or if you want me to give you a call.

Basjan van Heerden




Option 2 (Link) – Full PPG course from “Start to finish” on School Equipment R30,000

Option2 allows you to do the full PPG licence syllabus on our School equipment without having to buy anything upfront. This includes the rental of the gear, fuel, oil and the use of all the school equipment. 

Option 3 (Link) – Full Paratrike (PPT) Course – R22,000

A complete course for Paratrikes (solo training)

Est 35 Hours for a complete course 

Option 4 (Link) – PG to PPG Conversion Course own Equipment  – R8,000

10 flight conversion training from PG to PPG on your equipment, this includes the restricted radio Licence as part of the course.

Option 5 (Link) – PG to PPG Conversion Course school Equipment  – R13,000

10 flight conversion training from PG to PPG on our School equipment, this includes the restricted radio Licence as part of the course.